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We are fixing the issues of our site and updating it. Merit search scholarship Entrance Examination is an NGO based program. Our intention is to help the interested and eligible student to achieve their desire goal. College-specific scholarships are offered by individual colleges and universities to highly qualified applicants. These scholarships, given on the basis of academic and personal achievement, usually result in either a full-ride to the college, or for a reduced rate of tuition. The most common merit-based scholarships, awarded by either private organizations or directly by a student's intended college, recognize academic achievement or high scores on standardized tests. These are scholarships from a college or university awards to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study.
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MSSEE Exam like a Common Entrance Exam
To educate people by giving them Job-Oriented education through Distance / Part time / Traditional Education and help others to Research works.

To hold examinations and to grant certificates of proficiency or other academic distinctions or bye-laws of the Board and/or the State/Center Government or any other statutory body set up by such Governments.

To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study without any distinction as to caste, colour, race, creed or sex.

To render sincere and efficient services to the students of the institutions and to improve the standard of teaching and learning of the institutions.

To manage, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India

To promote Indian education all over the world

To work for community development and welfare of the economically and socially backwards.

The provide opportunities of education for  economically poor and needy.

To maintain educational library science equipments and play room.

Computer facility will be provided to all.

To provide free education for helpless and poor and also to rural areas.
‘Learning today for leading tomorrow’

Our Vision is to create a unique centre of learning with multifaceted activities where young minds are nurtured, trained and equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

‘Move to create a knowledge driven society’

We earnestly believe to enlighten the youth with knowledge, increase literacy and enhance employability. We strive to achieve this not only through classroom teachings but through community interactions and different medias.